Do you research on-line? If yes, there are just tons of places to check. The short list includes: BBB, Angies List, Housz, Consumer Reports and community bulletin boards. The list goes on and on.
Sometimes it can be overwhelming and some information can become too much information. FB sells ad space and maybe you count likes or don’t likes . These counts can and are manipulated by companies through hired campaigns.

In the meantime, your screen will be covered with ads that you will sift through and ignore or the ad might pique your interest. (I hope it is one of ours )

And if you look hard and long enough, you can find good things and not so good, probably about every company on this planet. Unless they have lots of resources to scrub, unwanted info.

So what works? Probably a mix of all the above and still by far…drum roll please…now it the high hat!

Word of mouth is the best and most trusted and your personal experience.

Hire the companies that you already know and have had a good experience with. If you had a ‘ job well done’ installing windows, contact that company to see if they do siding too. You get the idea. Tell your friends when things go well. We humans have the habit of only talking about the bad and by far most of our consumer experiences are good. So good in fact that, we hardly notice the transaction.

So ask your friends, if you see a lawn sign or company trucks in your neighborhood, stop by and ask your neighbor if they like what they got. Or maybe you really like the windows and doors installed by your cousin. Ask who they hired.

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