Services Overview

Classic Cozy & Construction is an EnergyStar® participating contractor and provides the following services:

  • Complete Energy Auditing including blower door testing with computer readouts
  • Insulation & Weatherization air sealing, ventilation, insulation (Blown-In Cellulose)
  • Replacement Doors & Windows
  • Heating replacement and replacement of other appliances

Benefits to your wallet, safety and quality of life
Our services include a full inspection for health and safety issues and could also improve the indoor quality of your air. Most importantly, all services are done through the Home Performance with Energy Star Program, meaning it will save you money while benefiting the environment.

Quality services with respect for your home
We respect the look and integrity of home. Our specialty trained experts take pride in their workmanship and you can be certain they will not take short-cuts like other contractors.

Classic Cozy doesn’t:

  • Create holes in surfaces, just because it is easier
  • Put holes in your siding or trim
  • Cause damage to your home and try to hide loss of durability with paint

We Also Provide:
Solar Systems

Companies We do Work for:
Johnson Controls

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