Most of you have probably heard about the scam that Wells Fargo perpetrated on their customers.  If you have not, the short story is they set up accounts, without the customers’ knowledge to hit sales goals!

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If that were not enough, the company leaders are not going to be charged with anything.  Go figure.

And the usual response to unethical and probably illegal actions by companies, is to start ad campaign to counter the impression of outrage with all consumers.   Glad that my company has never had to spend our small marketing budget trying to fix the mess Wells Fargo has created for themselves.

I’m happy to say Classic Cozy has never used Wells Fargo financing for any of our customers over 25 years of business.   I know our competition does and they get consumers into high interest loans with difficult terms that get people into trouble.  That is not our policy.

Classic Cozy and Radon Home Services typical interest for our unsecured loans is ~ 3.99%.  This is a great rate and there are no pre-payment penalties.   And even with this great rate, we have lenders that will work with credit scores as low as 540!   All our lenders are approved to operate in New York State and follow this great state’s banking rules.

The really beautiful thing about some of our services is, we can actually save our customers more money than their loan payment for Cozy improvements.

That is worth re-reading!

And sometimes, our customers can save few hundred dollars per year after the loan payments.    So getting credit from Cozy, is not like buying a new car and the payment that comes with it.

Sticking with the car buying analogy, what we do is like taking your existing car and put a new engine in that instead of getting ~25 miles per gallon, you are now getting 31 mpg.     Our Cozy 96% furnace does just this for hundreds of home owners every year.    Here is the breakdown.

Based on our testing of thousands of homes in our Upstate New York region, the typical furnace in service operating at 78% afue.   That means for every dollar of gas you put in, 28 cents goes outside.   With your new Cozy heating system, you will only lose 4 cents.  That means saving about $220 per year for the average home.

So financing home improvements by Cozy is very smart and we have financing for all our services.  Windows, Insulation-aka: icicle reduction service J, Draft-sealing, Heating and Cooling and Radon-air quality services including duct cleaning.

We work with all NYS and utility company incentives and grants to save you even more money.