Benjamin Franklin, one of our famous founding fathers, said,
“A penny saved is a penny earned”.
He also said, “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship”.

Today Cozy will save a smart Central New York homeowner on average $600 per year by plugging the leaks in their home.

Drafty windows and doors are the obvious ‘leaks’ that Classic Cozy solves, day in and day out. Folks love our windows and that we offer every kind of window from wood to fiberglass to vinyl. Classic Cozy has a window to fit your budget and taste.

Homeowners’ often do not realize less obvious holes. These are the holes that give you a sinking feeling each month when you open your heating and utility bills. Our certified sales techs check your home’s insulation and check the entire structure for rate of leaks with our specialized equipment including infrared cameras carbon monoxide detectors and gas leak detectors. We find and repair gas leaks in 85% of homes that get our Cozy Check up. You may not be aware, that home built before 1978 may have little or no insulation. That was the year when nation building code was put in place. So who knows what the builder did before then?!

The average furnace currently in service today is just 78% (and yours maybe is on its last legs?). That means for every dollar of fuel you put in about 28 cents goes up the chimney!! You don’t have to stand for that anymore. Our Cozy furnaces are 96% efficient and that means just 4 cents goes out. Now that feels cozy. There are rebates and other incentives available for getting that peace of mind with your new furnace. Our installation takes usually one day and after that, you’re on track to savings. We also offer year round heating and air conditioning service.

Another way we save, is by closing the door. My dad would say, “close the door, what do you live in a barn”. It is a common expression but I am not talking about closing the literal door….we are talking about closing all the many leaks throughout your home which on average equal leaving your front door open 24-7. That is right- it’s like leaving a door open all the time! We seal these leaks, you feel more cozy in the winter and summer, and you save dough. We can measure our results too and prove we ‘closed the door’.

Hey, what would you do with an extra $600 per year?
And you could save even more.