Heating & Cooling

Classic Cozy can also install and replace your heating systems. After a full evaluation, they can determine which system and plan would be most efficient for you.

Choosing the right heating system

Choosing the right heating system is more integral than you may think, and can have a radical impact on your heating bill.

A traditional home HVAC system has two parts: an outdoor unit, and an indoor unit. The furnace is the indoor unit that heats and circulates warm air through your home in the winter.In the summer, it takes the cool air from the outdoor unit and works as a fan to circulate it throughout your home. The indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together.

The basic components of a furnace system are:

  • A Burner, through which natural gas is delivered and burned.
  • A Heat Exchanger, where the heat produced from the burning gas is transferred to the air distribution system.
  • Ductwork, to transfer the heated air throughout the home.
  • A Flue or Vent Pipe, to exhaust byproducts of combustion (such as water vapor and carbon dioxide) to the outside.

Classic Cozy can evaluate your current system and determine where it can be improved and what can be replaced to conserve energy and save money.

Products that we Sell, Install and service:

We go with products that will serve our customers best.   Names like; RinnaiA O Smith, Goodman and Heil are a few that deliver quality.  And most times,  we can get the products that you trust the most if you are looking for a specific brand.   We have certified technicians ready to deliver our top quality installations for your home.

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