Do you work throughout the year?

Yes we do, although some projects are weather contingent.

When can you start the project?

That depends on our schedule at the time. Usually we can start projects within 4-6 weeks and sometimes sooner depending on the type.

Will your company do all of the work?

It varies from project to project. Sometimes we hire qualified, insured sub-contractors to perform certain parts of the project. We can provide complete remodeling services from demolition to the final paint finishes. Or if you prefer, we can do just a part.

Do you do general repairs?


How long will the project on my home take?

That varies depending on the project.

Once the project is started will you continue through to completion?

Yes, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Are you insured?

Yes, with General liability and Worker’s Compensation.

Do you install insulation in the walls from the inside of my house?

No, 99% of the time we do that from the outside. And attic spaces are accessed from the outside as well.

Will the holes that you drill to install the insulation be visible on the outside of my home?

You need not worry about seeing ANY holes; unlike our competitors we will not drill holes through siding or exposed trim. We are interested in maintaining the beauty of your home as you are.

What kind of replacement windows do you install?

That depends on what you want. You will have the choice to install vinyl or wood windows. That is an offer that NO OTHER CERTIFIED INSULATION COMPANY makes in Central NY makes. So if you want to keep windows that work with the style of your home and allow you to match the interior or exterior paint colors, Classic Cozy & Construction is the company for you. Top quality vinyl welded frames with thermally insulated glass Or top quality wooden frames with thermally insulated glass the choice is yours. You will love the look and the ease of operation of all windows we install.

How long will it take to weatherize my home?

Usually we will be done in a few days although it depends on your particular project.

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