Winter is on its way and maybe this is your first cold season in your own home or maybe it is your 20th year being a home owner.  Either way I have some simple suggestions for saving money and avoiding high heat bills. You will make your home safer and healthier too.

Take that air-conditioner out of the window. Leaving it in all winter long will only cost you more money 24-7 and make the room that it is in more uncomfortable.  Wrapping the outside of the unit will not work very well and frosty drafts will pour through the gaps.

Change your furnace filter. Keeping old and clogged filters in your heating systems can cause expensive damage and will for sure, lower the performance of your heating system. This will cost you more money every month. In general, you should have your heating system checked and tuned once a year.

Closing your storm windows will pay for itself right away. Be sure to fix any missing or broken glass since this too will pay for itself-right away. If your windows are 20-25 years old, consider replacement. Window and glass technology has gotten much better over the years and new windows will add value to your home.

Buttoning up your home during the cold months, means the air inside is not as fresh and can be stale smelling. Your duct could be filled with dust mites and up to 35 lbs of messy, nasty dirt.   Getting your ducts cleaned professionally is the only way to go. Special high pressure equipment with HEPA filters should be the only type used during cleaning; otherwise, the crud from inside your ducts will be put right back into your home’s air….the air you breath.

Gas leaks. Get your home tested  as soon as possible. We have been doing gas leak testing (this step is included in our Cozy Check-up) and we find small leaks in about 85% of houses. So with the colder weather, this is another pollutant that you are potentially breathing that is a danger to you and your family.

There are other sources of indoor air pollution and getting an AQ monitor installed and radon testing done is a sure bet for healthy indoor living….year round.

We install central air-conditioning and high efficiency heating systems all over Central NY including, Watertown, Cortland, Syracuse, Utica and Auburn and in between.

We also provide duct cleaning and service of all brand of heating systems and install new fiberglass, wood and vinyl windows.

Cozy Check-up includes:  gas leak detection, insulation inspection, air movement testing, carbon monoxide testing and your Cozy report showing your results and plan to fix them.  Cost is $400 and could be lower depending on your income.