About Us

Classic Cozy became CNY’s premier insulation & energy services provider because it’s founder, Joe Branagan, holds his work to the highest possible standards. Classic Cozy is always up to date on the latest best practices so they can provide every home with the highest quality, most affordable options available. That is why Classic Cozy has always been early adopters of consumer-centric programs like Energy Star and the Building Performance Institute.

Joe Branagan
Joe Branagan holds a simple philosophy: If you are going to build something, build it right. No cutting corners, no half-finished jobs-just top quality craftsmanship you can count on. He’s applied this philosophy to every project throughout his life—from building go-carts as a kid, to building entire houses from scratch as an adult. His propensity for high quality work has been the foundation of Classic Cozy and he firmly believes good work should speak for itself.

Joe and the community
Joe had his first taste of CNY as a young man when he took a summer job doing construction in Syracuse and immediately fell in love with the area. He soon moved to Syracuse to raise his family and is still very involved in the community, donating to Habitat for Humanity and Partners in Health. Joe wanted to find a way to leverage his passion for weatherization services to improve the quality of life for families in CNY. He started Classic Cozy in 1996 and for 20 years has been offering affordable services to insulate homes during NY winters. He has been in business for over two decades but still treats every job with the care and detail of someone who truly loves his work and his community.

Building Performance Institute: Classic Cozy is a proud member of the Building performance, created to better serve people seeking contractors for work on their home.

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