8 Excuses

At Classic Cozy we are firm believers that living green is something everyone can achieve without dramatically changing their lifestyle. We believe everyone should care about creating a better world for our children. Here is a list of the top 8 excuses we hear people use to avoid going green, and our answer to show them the light.

Excuse #1: Going green is too expensive. “I can’t afford to buy green products”

The reality: It is true, some green products can seem over-the-top expensive, but most of them are comparable in price to everyday goods. More importantly, the savings you collect taking green steps – like insulating your home — far outweigh the extra costs of green products. In fact, you end up saving more money.

Excuse #2: One person can’t make a difference. “I’m just one person, my actions don’t matter.”

The reality: While one person can’t single handedly stop global warming, this type of mentality will never accomplish anything. By concentrating on actionable steps [link to tips page] you can personally take everyday—like adjusting your thermostat—you give the environment a break, save yourself money and serve as an example to those around here. Big change starts small.

Excuse #3: Only hippies live green. “I’m not a tree-hugger, that just isn’t my lifestyle.”

The reality: This is a poor excuse unless you subscribe to silly stereotypes or care more about what people think then you do about helping your environment. You don’t need to undergo dramatic changes in your lifestyle. There are plenty of manageable steps you can take my simply being more conscious of your decisions. Taking steps towards being more resourceful and less wasteful—carpooling when convenient—is easy to do and certainly won’t make you a hippie.

Excuse #4: Green products are low in quality. “The green alternatives, like garbage bags, are less reliable than my old products”

The Reality: Many green products seem less durable on the surface, like eco-garbage bags, but only because they are deliberately made to bio-degrade faster, which is the point to begin with. This is a very easy hurdle to overcome. Instead of focusing on how much trash your eco-bag can hold, consider evaluating how much trash you actually produce, and how you can cut it down. You don’t need to throw away everything in your house and replace it with a green counterpart, but it can’t hurt to try a few products here and there and see how you get along.

Excuse # 5: It’s not my fault, no one else is doing it. “No one else in the house or office is eco-friendly, how am I supposed to be”

The reality: This goes hand in hand with the “I’m only one person” excuse. Do not worry about other people. Concentrate on daily actions you can apply to your personal routine. Be open about what you are doing, but not pushy. If others follow suit, great. If not, you are still doing your part.

Excuse # 6: It’s too late, the world is already doomed.

The reality: This is just laziness, plain and simple. There are plenty of things you can do, and yes, every little bit helps.

Excuse # 7: Conspiracy Theories. “Global Warming is a media myth, the environment is fine.”

The reality: You are entitled to your opinion, but if you truly believe this I encourage you to do more research. In the meantime, being green also saves you money, so there is still plenty of incentive to do it!

Excuse # 8: Going green is overwhelming. “There are so many options and so much to do I don’t know where to start”

The Reality: It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you hear about all the green products, hybrid cars and alternative energy sources. Just remember, going green does not need to be complicated. Start small. What simple behaviors can you change during your everyday routine? Perhaps you can avoid running water while you brush or begin line drying your clothes rather than using the drier. It’s all about baby steps.

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